Excited To Kickstart The Ketogenic Lifestyle But Don’t Know Where To Start?

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Ian Glover, Keto enthusiast
Everything you need to know and more is right here…

Hi there, my name is Ian and I’m really happy you’ve found my website.


Because there’s a good chance you’re on this page to learn how to live a longer, healthier life and want to know more about Keto and its amazing benefits.

I’ve put this website together because I know there’s a LOT of information out there and it can be very hard to understand and digest.

Don’t worry, it took a while for me to wrap my head around this keto diet lifestyle as well so the articles, reviews, and advice on my site will surely help you learn what you need to know fast.

 What Exactly Is The Ketogenic Diet? (Explained In Plain English

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There’s so much information online about this popular diet but most articles are really hard to understand and can often confuse you even more…

I’ve written a really easy to read and understand article on what the ketogenic diet is and all about the ketogenic lifestyle.

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What To Eat While On The Ketogenic Diet? 

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If you’re brand new to Keto or if you’re looking for some tasty recipes then the book I’m about to recommend is a must…

The Ketosis Cookbook is full of delicious recipes and gives you a fantastic list of the food you can eat.

You will be surprised at just what’s included in the Ketogenic diet. Check the full list and find out more about this book here <<—

How Many Carbs Do Eggs Have, How Many Carbs Do Eggs Have

How Many Carbs Do Eggs Have

So, a lot of people ask “how many carbs do eggs have” because, eggs are one of the most nutritious foods around and contain so many different vitamins and minerals, a good complete source of protein, good fats. So, in a nutshell, when it comes to carbs, there are not many at all! In fact, … Read more

What Colour Should Ketostix Be When In Ketosis, What Colour Should Ketostix Be When In Ketosis

What Colour Should Ketostix Be When In Ketosis

When you switch from a high carbohydrate – low fat diet to a high fat – low carbohydrate diet, your body goes from burning carbs for fuel to burning fats for fuel. When the body switches to burning fats for fuel instead of carbs, this process is known as ketosis. Ketosis, is a metabolic state … Read more


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The Keto Diet has completely changed my life. I feel GREAT!

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